State Government Relations

Managed by the University of California since its inception in 1931, Berkeley Lab has a long history of collaboration with the State of California, its second-largest partner after the federal government. Berkeley Lab has worked with more than 10 California agencies to support state solutions to challenges in renewable energy, energy efficiency, water treatment, groundwater management, climate change mitigation/adaptation, forest management, mitigation of wildfire and extreme events, community resilience, disaster response and entrepreneurship/workforce development.

For more information contact Jim Hawley, Director of State and External Relations

State of California Briefings

(In Partnership with the California Council on Technology)

The Future of Gases in a Decarbonized California

August 16, 2021

Dr. Hanna Breunig from Berkeley Lab's Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division discusses how we can use bio pathways to produce green hydrogen.

Technologies for Renewal Energy Storage

July 20, 2021

Dr. Noël Bakhtian from Berkeley Lab's Energy Storage Center discusses new energy storage technologies that can help improve California’s resiliency to climate change.

Mitigating Extreme Heat in a Changing Climate

May 18, 2021

Dr. Sumanjeet Kaur from Berkeley Lab's Energy Technologies Area discusses material level solutions that can help mitigate extreme heat.

Beneficial Uses of Woody Biomass from Wildfire Mitigation in California

September 19, 2019

Dr. Aindrila Mukhopadhyay from Berkeley Lab's Joint BioEnergy Institute discusses ways to improve the utility of woody biomass from wildfire mitigation efforts.

Environmental Impacts of Wildfires in California

April 4, 2019

Dr. Michelle Newcomer from Berkeley Lab's Climate and Ecosystem Science Division discusses the impacts of wildfires to California's air and water quality.

California's Pathways to Carbon Neutrality

December 17, 2018

Dr. Blake Simmons from Berkeley Lab's Joint BioEnergy Institute discusses how we can take the carbon that's available and transfer it into a usable product that is renewable and sustainable.

“Climate Change Adaptation: Challenges for California and the World”

Presenters: Professor William Collins, UC Berkeley/LBNL; Kate Gordon, Director, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research

Climate change is already posing significant challenges to California's vibrant social and natural environments. The climate community is very confident that temperatures and sea levels will increase and snowpack, a critical source of potable water, will decrease over the 21st century. >>More

"Innovative Technologies to Expand California's Water Supply"

Presenters: Chinmayee Subban, LBNL; Peter Nico, LBNL; Dan Miller, LBNL

As droughts intensify and snowpacks diminish, California will need creative solutions to provide enhanced water supplies for urban use and agriculture. This presentation will focus on emerging big ideas to expand California's water supplies, from groundwater recharge, to low-cost desalination and energy efficient purification. >> More

State of California Hearings

Date: February 2020Hearing: Joint Climate Change Committee hearing Witness: Blake Hour/Minute: 1:49:45

Date: April 11, 2018Hearing: Senate Environmental Quality- Implementation of California Climate Change Policies Witness: Andy Jones

Date: Feb 20, 2019Hearing: Senate Environmental QualityWitness: Ravi PrasherHour/Minute: 2:11