Brought to you by UC Berkeley’s Science at Cal and Berkeley Lab’s Government & Community Relations Office, “Midday Science Cafe” is a new virtual series that highlights compelling and complementary research from both institutions.  Grab your lunch and join us for some great science and discussion; questions are encouraged!

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Past Events

April 2023

Curbing Climate Change through Carbon Removal

Feb 2023

Paving the Way: California's Road to Vehicle Electrification

Oct 2022

Lessons Learned from the Wild

Sept 2022

Outer Space's Hottest & Brightest Objects

August 2022

Alchemy in the 21st Century: New materials to combat the energy crisis

July 2022

Combating Climate Change with CRISPR

June 2022

Can We Make Green Hydrogen Fuel a Reality?

April 2022

A Great (New) Future in Plastics

March 2022

Fungi and Seaweed: Changing the Way We Think About Meat

February 2022

Into the Blue Again: Water Flowing Underground

November 2021

Microbiomes: From fields of leaves to under the seas

October 2021

Changing climates, changing landscapes: What does this mean for the future?

September 2021

Smoky Skies Ahead: How to Reduce Indoor Smoke Exposure to Improve Public Health during Wildfire Season

August 2021

The Periodic Table: How the Basic Elements of Life are Advancing the Frontiers of Research

July 2021

The Road to Net Zero: Combating Climate Change through Carbon Removal

June 2021

Synthetic Biology for a Sustainable Future

May 2021

Harnessing Machine Learning for Science

April 2021

Adapting to Change: The Future of California's Water-Energy Nexus

March 2021

Leveraging the Quantum Realm: How Small Physics Solves Big Problems 

February 2021

Understanding the Nature of Dark Energy