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Berkeley Lab’s Community Relations team serves as the bridge between the lab and the community. Our mission is to share our ground-breaking research with the public and to create and maintain partnerships with local government and community based organizations to promote a positive social impact in our own backyard.

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Berkeley Lab Ambassadors in Action

Berkeley Lab employees have been out and about this summer, tabling at community events including the Berkeley Juneteenth Festival and San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade. >> MORE

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At this month’s Midday Science Cafe, we’ll first hear from Dr. Mark Kline from Berkeley Lab and X-Therma, whose work, inspired by Arctic fish, stands to save millions of human lives. Dr. Kline is developing new molecules that can cool transplant organs below zero without freezing, greatly extending the time to move an organ from the donor to the recipient.

Next, we’ll meet UC Berkeley scientist Dr. Phoebe Parker-Shames who is studying the impacts of cannabis production on a wide variety of wildlife, from moths to mountain lions. She studies how animals respond to the light and noise disturbance involved in farming cannabis, opening the long-shut window of research on what has become a major economic industry in California. These two case studies from the animal kingdom each offer a lesson we can learn about our own species.

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