Linear Asset Modernization Project

The proposed Linear Assets Modernization Project (LAMP) would assess, modernize, and upgrade the existing sitewide utility systems at the Berkeley Lab. Utility systems to be modernized include water, sewer, and storm drain lines; electric and natural gas lines; compressed air lines; and communications cables. Hydraugers, which are drainage pipes that promote the stability of LBNL's steepest slopes, would also be replaced. The purpose of the LAMP project is to address all deficient utility systems and support the long-term safety, reliability, and capability of LBNL infrastructure so that the Laboratory may continue to effectively carry out its research mission.

LAMP utility work would take place within or contiguous to developed areas of the LBNL site; most such project areas are roadbeds or are otherwise paved. The focus would be on approximately 10,000 linear feet of subsurface trenches, duct banks, and utility corridors. Under the project, existing utility trenches would be uncovered and exposed, utility lines would be swapped out, and the trenches would be recovered and resurfaced. Project work is expected to begin in early 2023 and end in mid-2029.

LAMP CEQA and project documentation included below are under review by the Berkeley Lab Director and are expected to be considered for approval on January 31, 2022. The CEQA documents below have replaced and supersede earlier posted LAMP documents.


NEPA Categorical Exclusion.pdf

Date Issued: 11/09/2021

Document Title: NEPA Categorical Exclusion

LAMP CEQA Findings.pdf

Date Issued: 1/18/2022

Document Title: LAMP CEQA Findings

LAMP CEQA Findings Document References.pdf

Date Issued: 12/21/2021

Document Title: LAMP CEQA Findings Document References

LAMP Environmental Analysis.pdf

Date Issued: 1/18/2022

Document Title: LAMP Environmental Analysis

LAMP Environmental Impact Classification Form.pdf

Date Issued: 12/21/2021

Document Title: LAMP Environmental Impact Classification Form